GSE - COMP1006

For petroleum, chemistry and paper making,medical industry.globe star mechanical seal manufacture . is the advanced designer & manufacturer of mechanical seal, the range involves in: industrial pump mechanical seal, mixer and agitator seal, cartridge seal, metal bellows seal, auto cooling pump seal and auto air-condition compressor lip seal. Globe products can replace the mechanical seals produced by John Crane and Burgmann and be widely used in petroleum, chemistry, refinery, paper making, pharmacy, power and auto industry.

Dairy & Pharmaceuticals Seals (512 CS Voltas Compressor Seal

Operating Conditions:

1. Pressure: Up to 1.5Mpa;
2. Speed: Up to 30m/s;
3. Temperature: -30°c to 230°c....
Brand Name: GCOMP-seal
Used in truck thermo king compressors.
2 Unbalance shaft seal
3 Single spring
4 replace John crane type 5611/5611Q...


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