Benefits of Using Metal Bellow Seals

20 June 2016

Metal Bellow seals are usually used for high temperature because it contains of an elastic element. Characterized by flexible friction ring installed in all the relative displacement, it can be compensated by the flexible bellows that allows installation of friction sealing ring which has a large deviation. These are high-technology product that can bear resemblance to the original leather bellows used traditionally in fireplaces and forges.

Benefits Of Using Metal Bellow Seal:
• The metal bellow seal is manufactured using radial stiffness as nodal variety and these have a wide variation of pressure and temperature range.
• Hydraulically balanced, these afford seal to handle more pressure without heat build-up.
• It has distortion stiffness and limits fatigue which lasts longer
• Compact in size, it is thus used in various industries and fields like Plastic, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Textile, Rubber etc.
• Dynamic O ring does not eliminate the possibility of hang-ups or shaft wear.
• Bellows technology creates a uniform movement outside wall under hydraulic pressure. 
• This allows high flow rates and less clogging issues because of the flexible spring.
• Bellows are manufactured with its edge welded bellows within tight tolerances.

• It can be used as a spring in accordance to the precise nature of the workplace.

Metal seals are elastic vessels compressed while pressure is applied to the outside of the vessel or extended under vacuum. These are found in space benefits like reservoirs with potable water and accumulators to collect wastewater. While any pressure or vacuum hits, it gets compressed but as soon as the pressure releases, the bellow goes back to their original shape.

Metal Bellow Seals are regularly used in aerospace for altitude sensors and fluid management devices like accumulators, volume compensators, surge arresters and fluid storage. 

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