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Carbon Product And Ptfe Products

We are popular as the provider of the best quality mechanical seal. We also fabricate the finest quality of carbon products and PTFE products.

Bushes and Rods

  • In some condition where the common lubricants like oil and grease do not work. The contamination may occur by the conventional lubricants. The normal lubricants may not use with the corrosive liquids and gases. The carbon and graphite bushes are used as bearings in these conditions. The carbon rods and bushes are also used for machining into parts of required sizes.

Chemical Pump Parts

  • The chemical pump parts are specially designed parts, to work with the corrosive chemicals. The chemical pump parts like casing, impeller and seals are specially manufactured from acid resistant carbon material. This carbon material is consisting of the better mechanical properties. These chemical pump parts give best performance for the output and pressure.

Graphite Crucibles

  • The graphite crucibles are specially designed and developed for the jewelry industry. The graphite crucibles are fabricated from the grain and ultra fine grain graphite blocks with precision dimension control. The graphite crucibles offer maximum resistance to oxidation and corrosion at the melting temperatures of precious metals.

Parts for Carbon Rings

  • The submersible pumps are used to lift the water from the deep water bore wells. The graphite and carbon graphite rings consist of self – lubricating properties and low wear property. The graphite and carbon graphite rings are used in submersible pumps to enhance the abrasion resistance of the submersible pumps. The pump parts made of carbon material consist of higher hardness.

Vanes for Rotary Pumps

  • The carbon vanes contain higher self lubricating properties. The carbon vanes have no effect with the hot or cold liquids. So the carbon vanes are an ideal material for the pump parts. It is widely used in the rotary pumps handling water, petrol, fuel oils and other liquids. It is also used in dry and wet running rotary pumps, compressors and vane – type vacuum pumps.