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Multiple Spring Balance Seals

Series : B83

The globe star engineers (india) are popular as the global supplier of the multiple spring balanced seals equivalent to DIN 24960. We have designed and developed the B83 series of multiple spring balanced seal. It is specially designed to protect the springs from the fluid. The seal consists of the dynamic O - ring. This type of seal is used for the media containing solid particles, mining industry, chemical and water conditioning.

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to remove
  • Low maintenance
  • Firm grip
  • Long – lasting

Globe Star Standard Style

  • Face Materials : Rotary : Carbon, SIC, TC
  • Stationary : SIC, TC, Ceramic
  • Metal Parts : AISI 316, Hast-C, Monel, Alloy-20
  • Springs : SS 316, Hast-C
  • Secondary Seal : Elastomers 'O' Ring, TCV, FEP.

Operating Limits

  • Shaft Diameter : 20....100mm
  • Pressur : 25 Bar (kg/cm 2)
  • Temperature : 20°c to 120°c
  • Shaft Speed : Upto 6000 RPM According to Shaft Size & Pressure.

Double Mechnical Seal :

These are very commonly used Mechanical Seals for most of the Fluids. Due to Multi-Spring Design, Uniform Force over the Faces Enhanceits life. This Class Seals can be used on all kind of Clear and Non-Corrosive Liquids. These Seals can be offered in Balance and Unbalance Configuration. Viton or PTFE are used as a Secondary Packing. In this type Seal there are Three type of Arrangement, Back to Back, Face to Face & tandem.